Meet New DWC Account Manager, Grafton Hamilton

Written By: Dannion King

Posted April 13, 2024


The DWC family is excited to introduce our newest account manager, Grafton Hamilton, who has recently joined our team. Grafton loves working with people, and building relationships, making him a perfect fit at DWC. Get to know more about Grafton in this insightful Q&A we had with him!

The Monthly Wire: Where did you grow up? Grafton Hamilton: I was born and raised in Nicholasville, KY just outside of Lexington. We lived on 5 wooded acres in the middle of nowhere. I grew up hunting/fishing/camping and developing a love for the outdoors. My parents homeschooled me as a youngster and then sent me off to school when I was too much to handle! TMW: What is your educational background? …any college, military, or trade school experience? GH: I went to Asbury University in Wilmore KY, there I played soccer and earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

TMW: Give a quick summary/highlight reel of your career prior to joining DWC: GH: When I first graduated from school I worked some tough jobs. I was a pool technician, a landscaper, a property manager and even did a stint in insurance sales. About a year and a half later I landed my first 'big boy' job at Anixter. I worked at Anixter/WESCO for about 5 years before joining DWC.

TMW: What got you into sales? GH: I love working with people, I love building relationships and most of all I love solving problems and providing solutions. Sales gives me all of that. TMW: What was it about DWC that appealed to you? Was there anything specific about the opportunity to join DWC that inspired you to make this the next stop in your career? GH: The PEOPLE! DWC of course takes care of me in all ways, however the culture and leadership really motivated me to take the step. TMW: How is DWC different from other companies that you’ve worked for? GH: DWC is smaller and more FLEXIBLE than some other large corporations I have worked for in the past. It has an extreme focus on its people and its culture. That is carried out from the CEO all the way across the board. I feel like my work matters and am motivated to help the company in any way I can because I feel like the company will take care of me too. TMW: Let’s step away from work for a second, what are your hobbies and interests during your free time? GH: I love to workout and spend time with my wife. When we have free time we are in the gym or doing some sort of outdoor activity with our pup. My wife loves to foster dogs so we always have a bonus dog running around. I also have to mention I am a huge Kentucky basketball and football fan. I spend a lot of time following the cats!

TMW: What is your proudest moment? GH: The day I married my wife no question.

TMW: What is your vision for your new position? What would you like to achieve at DWC? CM: I want to be the best account manager I can possibly be! I want to foster amazing relationships with my customers and provide them a high level of service that hopefully leads to amazing business relationships. In turn this will make everyone win! The customer, myself and DWC!