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Walking the Walk for Heart Health

Heart Disease is the #1 killer of people in the U.S. On average, someone dies of cardiovascular disease every 35 seconds. The American Heart Association estimates that nearly half of the adult population in our country has hypertension or some form of cardiovascular disease. According to the Center for Disease Control, heart disease and stroke claim the lives of about 675,000 Americans each year.

Gas Prices Are Up, But Why?

As members of the electrical wholesale industry, we don’t have to look too far to see the impact of high gas prices on our businesses. Higher fuel expenses for transporting goods are finding their way into the costs of the products and services we rely on to operate — not to mention, elevated prices at the pump when filling-up our personal vehicles.

Product Corner – VNTC

A quick primer on this popular product group! When it comes to functionality and diversity among specialty wire and cable products, tray cable stands out as a clear winner. VNTC (Vinyl Nylon Tray Cable) can be found in a wide variety of commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and exterior applications. These versatile products are approved for installation aerially, supported by a messenger, in conduits, raceways, wireways, ducts, and cable trays. For exterior uses, VNTC is sunlight resistant and suitable for installation in both wet and dry locations, making it an excellent choice for direct burial.

Catching Up with Travis Williams

It’s been an interesting couple of years, to say the least. Here in 2022, everyone has likely learned that managing through a global pandemic, an ever-changing supply chain situation, and a “fluid” global economy can be challenging to say the least. Factors that weren’t on the radar a few short years ago are now incorporated into the strategic scenarios that make up a company’s business plan. We recently had a chance to sit down with DWC’s CEO, Travis Williams to discuss the current state of the market and new developments at Distributor Wire & Cable.

Relief for Aluminum on Relaxed Demand

Like copper, aluminum is a popular conductor used in various types of specialty wire & cable. For the savvy electrical distributor, the option of quoting a spec comprised of aluminum wire can provide valuable benefits that can help win more bids.

U.S. Rig Count – Up on Economic and Geopolitical News.

We’ve all seen the price at the pump. There’s a geopolitical hiccup in the global energy supply chain and the world is reacting. Here at home, the U.S. energy market is reacting too. Albeit, not as fast as some economists would like.

U.S. Rig Count - Up on Economic and Geopolitical News

There’s a geopolitical hiccup in the global energy supply chain and the world is reacting. Here at home, the U.S. energy market is reacting too. Albeit, not as fast as some would economists would like.

Recruit – Retain – Rejoice

A few easy tips for keeping your warehouse well-staffed during this competitive labor market. Warehouse operations are experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, thanks to the boom of e-commerce. As the warehouse-direct/e-commerce model continues to expand, some electrical distribution warehouse managers find themselves up against staffing challenges. Everywhere you turn in our industry, the impact of world and economic events has created a labor shortage in the logistics sector.

Product Corner – THHN

With the seasonal ramp-up in homebuilding and commercial construction projects, you may be seeing an uptick in the demand for building wire. Among the most popular solutions for power distribution throughout structures is THHN. THHN building wire is generally used to carry electrical current to all circuits of power in a building or dwelling. Variations of THHN are utilized in the electrical plans of almost every industrial, residential, and commercial building.

2022 U.S. Energy Outlook

Among the diverse vertical markets that are served by the U.S. electrical distribution industry, the 0il & gas industry represents one of the largest consumers of electrical products. For many regions of the country oil & gas projects fuel the bottom line for distributors that supply electrical products to energy companies. Needless to say, robust exploration and production activity at a nearby basin can really make a distributor’s year from a revenue standpoint.