Going Undergound - A look at URD Cable

Written By: Cody Barrett

Posted March 9, 2024


Underground residential distribution wire (URD) is a specialty aluminum wire intended for use in residential construction and light to medium duty commercial applications. URD is typically found in underground wiring systems where it can be used in direct burial applications or installed in ducts to support secondary power distribution. This durable wire is often the go-to solution to deliver power from a pad-mounted transformer to the service entry or meter of a given structure.

DWC’s URD cable meets all UL and ICEA standards and carries a voltage rating of 600v. These products are made up of concentric stranded or compressed strands of aluminum conductor. The conductor can made up of 1350 or 8000 series alloy. Phase conductors are assembled along with neutral conductors to form a twisted cord. URD is insulated using cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and is black in color. Conductors are insulated and surface printed with neutral triple yellow striping making them easily identifiable by technicians and installation crews.

Because of its durable characteristics, URD is used in work locations where a high resistance to scratching and abrasion are a key requirement. This wire can also be installed in environments that are prone to water and moisture as well as dry areas. Most varieties of URD can withstand temperatures as high as 90°C. Common varieties of triplex and quadruplex URD have insulation qualities that provide significant strength, versatility, and reliability.

At Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC), we stock 1350 and 8000 series URD along with a variety of aluminum and copper products in our network of U.S. cable distribution centers. With no minimum orders, no cut charges, and a variety of value-added services, DWC is here to make your next specialty wire & cable transaction easy and profitable for you.

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