DWC's fastQuote Portal - Your Ticket to FUN!

Written By: Charlie Barber

Posted January 22, 2024

fastQuote fun

While we’re absolutely serious about providing value and expertise to our customers, it’s no secret that Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) likes to bring a little fun to the electrical distribution industry. Over the years, we’ve held every variety of competition, contest, sweepstakes, or drawing that you can imagine. If you can dream it up, DWC has likely turned it into some sort of a competitive event with the intent of making the average workday a little more fun for the electrical distributor.

Recently, we just wrapped up our DWC NFL Pick ‘Em Challenge where folks from electrical wholesalers can try their luck at predicting the outcome of NFL games. This contest offers weekly and season long prizes. DWC awards gift cards for the top three each week, and bigger prizes for the top ten at the end of the season. Congrats to Cooper from Everett Washington, Jared from St. Louis, Missouri, Janet from Kent, Washington, and Steve from Indianapolis, Indiana for finishing in a four-way tie for first place this season!

Over the years, DWC has given away tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes, charity contributions, gift cards, and DWC-branded merchandise. Why give away all this stuff? “DWC’s goal with these events has always been to make things fun for the good people we interact with on a daily basis”, shares Shawn Winn, DWC’s Director of Sales Operations. “We have a good time with these contests, and I know that our customers do too” he adds.

The major DWC promotions and contests aren’t just for our wire & cable partners. Yearly DWC events are open to anyone who works at an electrical distributor. Warehouse staff, billing departments, operations people, etc. are just as welcome to participate as the Inside/Outside/Counter sales folks that we interact with each day. It makes sense for us to be as inclusive as possible with our bigger contests. Everyone in every role at an electrical distributor helps pave the way for DWC’s success. All you need is a company email address to gain access to our fastQuote customer portal where most of these events are hosted. If you’re looking to increase the fun factor of your workweek, get signed up for a DWC fastQuote customer portal account today. You could be the winner of DWC’s next big contest giveaway!

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