Meet New DWC Account Manager, Chris Meyer

Written By: Dannion King

Posted January 18, 2024


The DWC family is excited to introduce our newest account manager, Chris Meyer, who has recently joined our team. Chris is a seasoned vet in the world of sales holding many positions such as project manager, inside sales, outside sales, and branch manager. Get to know more about Chris in this insightful Q&A we had with him!

The Monthly Wire: Where did you grow up? Chris Meyer: I grew up in a small town of 600ish people in southcentral Nebraska, Elwood. Graduated from Elwood HS in 2008. TMW: What is your educational background? …any college, military, or trade school experience? CM: I went to the university of Nebraska-Kearney and got my bachelor's degree in 2013. I studied Industrial Distribution. I was an active member of Pi Kappa Alpha during college. I also spent a semester in Olomouc, Czech Republic, the BEST college experience that I had.

TMW: Give a quick summary/highlight reel of your career prior to joining DWC: CM: Right out of college I went to work for Gexpro/Rexel for about 7.5 years holding various roles from project manager, inside sales, outside sales, and Assistant Branch Manager all in Northeast Ohio. Then I worked for an engineering, Fives ST, as the Spare Parts Manager for all of North America. I called on all the steel mills selling spare parts for projects and current install. After that I went to work for Hudl, a sports technology company, covering Western Oklahoma high schools.

TMW: What got you into sales? CM: I have always enjoyed working with people and trying to help them solve an issue they have. So in college a couple of my fraternity brothers were in the Industrial Distribution program. That program had a 99% job placement rate in your field coming out of college, the rest is history. TMW: What was it about DWC that appealed to you? Was there anything specific about the opportunity to join DWC that inspired you to make this the next stop in your career? CM: When I worked at Gexpro/Rexel I actually used to use DWC a lot when I was selling wire to my customers, because of the fast and timely service and great price! So when I saw the opportunity to come work for DWC I got really excited to be on this side. After a couple interviews and hearing about the family feel of the company it made me even more excited, as I have always been part of larger companies. Then having one of my first meetings on my first day be a one on one with Travis and get to hear about all the goals for the company to grow and expand DWC’s footprint, made me feel like I was joining at the most perfect time! TMW: How is DWC different from other companies that you’ve worked for? CM: It is a much smaller company! Most of the companies I have worked for have thousands of employees. Here at DWC it truly feels like a family! TMW: Let’s step away from work for a second, what are your hobbies and interests during your free time? CM: Oh man! Being outside with my wife and 2 girls (soon to be 3 girls!!) whether that is camping, fishing, hiking, etc. I like to invest into the next generation to help raise them up into young leaders, so I volunteer at my church in the Student Ministries working with 7th grade boys! Also HUGE sports guy, so you can find me watching, playing, or talking about sports!

TMW: What is your proudest moment? CM: Hard to pick just one. Here are couple big moments for me: The day I started following Jesus, the day I married my beautiful wife Amanda, and the day I became a dad (especially a girl dad)!

TMW: What is your vision for your new position? What would you like to achieve at DWC? CM: My vision for my new position would be to follow footsteps of the people already here crushing it, but then be able to contribute something to pass long to the next person. I would love to be one of the top contributors while helping DWC become a force to be reckoned with in the wire and cable marketplace!