Staffing up to serve you better! - Brett Mentzer Joins DWC

Written By: Dannion King

Posted May 4, 2023


Meet Brett Mentzer, the newest addition to our Account Manager team at Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC). With several years of experience in sales and account management, Brett is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Brett's ability to build strong relationships with customers, understand their needs and provide exceptional service has earned him a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy Account Manager. His skills and dedication to his work will undoubtedly help us strengthen our distributor partnerships and take DWC to new heights. We are thrilled to have Brett on board and look forward to the impact he will make in his new role.

Below is a Q&A session that we had with Brett to learn more about him, his background, and his vision for his new role at DWC.

The Monthly Wire: Where did you grow up? Brett: I grew up in North Platte, NE. GBR!!!! TMW: What is something about yourself that most people do not know about you? B: Something a lot of people do not know about me is that I am adopted from South Korea. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and my birth name was Tae Hoon Kim.

TMW: What are your hobbies and interests during your free time? B: Outside of work, I love to chase my kiddos around at their various activities. If I have free time from that, I will be on the golf course! I am very lucky to be celebrating 15 years of marriage with my beautiful wife, Kit. Together we have two children, our son Parker (12) and our daughter Piper(8). If they don't run us ragged, we have 2 dogs as well, Milo and Zoey.

TMW: Give a quick summary/highlight reel of your career prior to joining DWC: B: I grew up in a business family and have spent most of my adult life in sales. My biggest highlight so far was owning a Winsupply company.

TMW: What was it about DWC that appealed to you? Was there anything specific about the opportunity to join DWC that inspired you to make this the next stop in your career? A: I wanted to get back into wholesale distribution and account management and after learning about this opportunity at DWC, I became interested in pursuing a career in wire and cable sales. What most appealed to me about DWC was the culture. From researching the company and my interactions with DWC employees throughout the interview process, I could tell they were just genuine people who really cared about each other. TMW: How is DWC different from other companies that you’ve worked for? B: DWC is different from other companies because every employee I have met so far has just been genuine and caring. It is truly a team working together to deliver the best possible experience for all who encounter DWC. TMW: What would you like to achieve as a DWC Account Manager? B: I want to be the best asset to the Sales Team that I can. Whether its customer service, sales, product knowledge or helping my co-workers, I want to be the best at it I can be!

TMW: Last but not least, what is your proudest moment? B: My proudest moment is being a father to 2 amazing children!

At DWC, we're continuing to expand our team of wire and cable professionals in an effort to serve our distributor partners better! We're confident that the expertise and positivity that Brett brings to DWC's Account Manager team will be a welcome addition!