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Industrial applications tend to expose cables to high levels of stress and demanding operating environments. Extreme temperatures, impacts, abrasions, and mechanical stresses can all effect the performance of industrial machinery dependent on the right power and control cabling. Trust DWC to help you select flexible, durable wire & cable solutions to support your customers’ industrial operations!

Who we serve

As a Master Distributor of wire & cable DWC exclusively serves wholesale electrical distributors here in the US. We bring value to our distributor partners by offering solutions that make specialty wire & cable easier and more profitable. We do not sell to contractors, electrical pros, end users, etc. If those folks happen to contact us, we refer them to an electrical distributor near them. That’s what partners do!

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To win the bid or get the order, you need answers fast. That’s why we’ve developed fastQuote, the DWC quote request tool that gets you a quote in around 6 minutes.

In addition to lightning-fast quotes, the fastQuote portal features a variety of tools, guides, and cool features to make managing your wire & cable business easy and effective. Sign up for your free DWC fastQuote portal account today!

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We’re proud to have a culture of growth and collaboration where employees are treated as family. The amazing work environment at DWC attracts a diverse group of the best and brightest people in our industry.

For electrical distributors, this means that you have some talented people working on your behalf to help you succeed. Our amazing people are our biggest differentiator and a key reason why you should give DWC a shot at earning your business!

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Over 15,000 U.S. electrical distributors served

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1 – 2 day shipping to 98% of the continental U.S.


99.68% accuracy rate on wire & cable shipments.

Industry News

What is ACSR?

ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) cable is a type of electrical power cable that is commonly used for overhead power transmission. The ACSR cable is made up of a central core of steel wires surrounded by aluminum wires. The steel core provides the necessary strength for the cable to support its weight, while the aluminum wires are used to conduct the electrical current.

Relief for Aluminum on Relaxed Demand

Like copper, aluminum is a popular conductor used in various types of specialty wire & cable. For the savvy electrical distributor, the option of quoting a spec comprised of aluminum wire can provide valuable benefits that can help win more bids.

Featured Product

VNTC Featured Product


When it comes to functionality and diversity among specialty wire and cable products, tray cable stands out as a clear winner. VNTC (Vinyl Nylon Tray Cable) can be found in a wide variety of commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and exterior applications.