Wire Guru

Saldi_blogMy name is Robert Saldi. I’m an account manager at DWC. I have been in the industry for almost 11 years. For the last 7 years, I’ve been an account manager at DWC. During this time, I have learned a lot about wire and cable. In fact, our marketing director has dubbed me the “Wire Guru.” It’s a title I’m proud of, but not sure I deserve.

With all of my wire and cable knowledge, you might think that I know everything there is to know about the job I do and the industry I work in. Quite the contrary, I still have a lot to learn. I still remember lessons I’ve learned in my past.

When I started my career in wire and cable, I was incredibly green.  I didn’t understand the importance of double checking my work and asking the right questions. I made more mistakes than I can even count, but one huge mistake stays at the top of my mind.

I had absolutely no business trying to write big orders. When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance. A customer asked for a quote on a large amount of cable. They had the manufacturer’s part number and I crossed it with a part number at my company. Boom!  Out went my first big quote. It was over $100,000 of VNTC.

My boss at the time, knew I had no business quoting that much material and looked the quote over.  Unfortunately for me, he didn’t double check until I sent it to my customer. The customer was actually looking for FREP, a more expensive type of VNTC. The cable was going to be used for a project that restricted PVC.  The VNTC I had quoted him was made with PVC. Why didn’t I ask my co-workers for help?  I could have asked my customer to elaborate more on the project. But, I was green.

Now we were in a pickle. I quoted him over $100,000 and the material they needed was actually worth over $140,000.  Needless to say, my boss was furious.

A situation that required me to make a very uncomfortable phone call to my customer could have been avoided, if I would have just asked a few questions or double checked my work. Upsetting my customers is one of my least favorite things. He was really upset! He thought he was getting a killer price on FREP cable. It was a hard lesson to learn.

I hope that my story will help you to remember that no matter how easy something seems, you should always double check your work and ask questions. If you don’t know what questions to ask or you need help determining what your customer needs, give me a call!  I’ll be happy to help.  After all, I am the “Wire Guru!”

Robert Saldi, Senior Account Manger, AKA Wire Guru