Wire & Fables: The Kingdom of Copper

DWC Wire & Fables

Once upon a time, in The Kingdom of Copper, there was a bustle amongst the royals and the nobles. Stories about wire & cable were being told, and uncertainty spread quickly. The Kingdom knew it had to be stopped, and they began their journey to set the record straight with tales from Wire & Fables.

The Prince & The Part Numbers

Chapter 1: The Prince & The Part Numbers
There were so many part numbers for so many products, it seemed never ending! The Prince set out to bust the fable that part numbers can only be found through the manufacturer. He called his trusty account managers at DWC to get down to the bottom of it. As it turned out, they could look up any part number from any manufacturer and get pricing!

The Duchess and Shipping Times

Chapter 2: The Duchess & The Shipping Times
The Duchess assumed that no matter where the wire & cable was shipping from, it could take up to a week to get there. She asked her valiant DWC account managers what their shipping points were and how long it takes for products to get to their journey’s end. The account managers assured The Duchess that most of DWC’s Cable Distribution Centers have one to two-day shipping points.

The Baron & The Quote Times

Chapter 3: The Baron & The Quote Times
There were days when The Baron waited hours before getting a quote back for wire & cable. This seemed to be an industry standard. The Baron knew this must be a fable and it needed to be busted! He reached out to the honorable DWC account managers to understand quote times. DWC’s average quote time was just seven minutes through their customer portal, myDWC. The Baron was astonished that he could get a quote back that quickly and thanked DWC for giving him time back to hobnob with his royal crew.

The Kingdom of Copper was pleased to put some fables to rest. The royals and nobles will be able to sleep soundly knowing they’ve done good work bringing wire & cable to the kingdom. They will stop at nothing when it comes to finding the truth in Wire & Fables!