Wire & Cable Management Services – A valuable project partnership for shared success!

As an electrical distributor, you depend on seamless logistics and a solid supply chain to maximize your operations. While sourcing the right products for your customers is key, being able to provide the right logistical solutions is an important advantage. The smooth flow of goods from your vendors, through your branch location, and ultimately to your customer, impacts your profitability and your ability to deliver great service. Good logistics can be the difference maker in exceeding your sales goals in the short term and establishing trust among your customers to build long and lasting business relationships in the long term.

For your wire & cable product lines, Cable Management services from a Master Distributor like DWC can be an easy and cost-effective way to deliver a ton of value. Cable Management can serve as an extension of your own warehouse. By utilizing the just in time delivery services of a Master Distributor, the wire & cable portion of your customer’s project can be tightly managed to their preferences. Simply put, they’ll have the wire they need on hand when (and where) they need it to ensure project success.

Some of the benefits of Cable Management include:

  • Lower overhead by eliminating storage expenditures.
  • Reduced labor costs – Master Distribution partners such as DWC can pre-cut wire lengths and prep accordingly.
  • Mitigated risk of product damage or theft associated with storing wire & cable at the job site.
  • Costs locked-in up front to provide ability for better planning and budgeting without concern for fluctuations in commodity pricing.
  • Efficient, on-demand inventory solutions to support project needs.
  • Details like labeling wire so that it can be staged and delivered exactly where it needs to go at the job site.
  • Tailored logistics solutions to meet the needs of the contractor. I.E. – arranging flatbeds, step-decks, or enclosed trailers to optimize safety and security during the delivery process.
  • Cost savings gained from lower project surpluses and eliminating wasted materials.
  • “Right time” delivery to avoid costly project delays.
  • A dedicated project inventory managed by wire experts in the Master Distributor’s fulfillment center.
  • Improved project flexibility with a dedicated wire & cable project manager.
  • A simplified process for the electrical distributor – easier for the customer/contractor/end-user
  • More profitability for the project!

Cable Management services from a wire & cable partner like DWC can provide a significant advantage over your competitors when bidding on projects. When looking at a project bid, product specifications and cost per foot are only part of the equation when evaluating wire & cable pricing and profitability. The ease, efficiency, and profitability that Cable Management services provided by a Master Distributor add can provide an effective avenue for electrical distributors to help win more project business.

Want to learn more about partnering with DWC and the value of Cable Management services? Contact your DWC Account Manager today!