Why Not You?

Brand Blog_Why not youRecently I went to a popular breakfast eatery for the first time. This Denver restaurant opened in 2006, just a couple years before I opened DWC. The company and brand have exploded the past few years, and I was curious to find out what all the fuss was about since multiple people told me to try it. After all, it was just breakfast.

It didn’t take me long to see this place has things figured out. The energy is electric and feels nothing like the typical breakfast spot. I had not taken a bite and was already ready to refer it to my friends. It was the unusually happy hostess who seated me, the thumping music giving the place a young hip vibe, the dancing bartender making espressos and the server asking my name and calling me by it from that point forward. It all seemed staged for my visit.

So, how do they do it? How do they make breakfast an experience you would be willing to pay more for and tell your friends about? They have created a culture that allows for their people to enjoy their work and be proud to be part of their company. The word is that getting a job there is almost impossible. That is because they rarely have turnover and only recruit and hire people who believe what they believe. All of the people I encountered were not acting. They were not being asked to play the role of someone they are not. They were being asked to be authentic. Brilliant!

How was the food? Both fresh and delicious. Would I consider referring this eatery to my friends, or return to eat again if the food was not good? The answer is no. The entire experience is what creates customer loyalty. In a restaurant, you may be able to have the right location, the right ambiance, the right people and the right price but if you miss on the food, you miss.

At DWC, we have talked recently about the experience circle we are creating. This includes the first time sales and marketing introduces our company to our distributor, the quote we send, the order we ship and the invoice we process. If any of these are not done at a high level consistently, a level that “wows” the customer, we miss. We are continually working to perfect this experience and ensure our circle never breaks. That means more training, more branding, more technology, more organization, and yes, more accountability. The smallest of details must be examined and improved to ensure an optimal experience each and every time.

It’s amazing how many theories and books about building a great brand there are. I have read more than my share for sure. The truth is that it’s not that complicated. You hire people who believe in what you believe, become meticulous to the details of the experience you are creating and build a culture where each person is allowed to be authentic. Many different industries have a power brand that everyone wants to join. These brands promote innovation, demand greatness and stand out as true pioneers. My questions to you are this. Who are the power brands in your industry? What is your organization doing to stand out? Are you looking to yourself for that answer?

Why not you?

-Written by Bryce Huett, DWC CEO