VNTC: Vinyl Nylon Tray Cable

A quick primer on this highly popular product group!

When it comes to functionality and diversity among specialty wire and cable products, tray cable stands out as a clear winner. VNTC tray cable can be found in a wide variety of commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and exterior applications. These versatile products are approved for installation aerially, supported by a messenger, in conduits, raceways, wireways, ducts, and cable trays. For exterior uses, VNTC is sunlight resistant and suitable for installation in both wet and dry locations, making it an excellent choice for direct burial.

The most popular variety of tray cable is VNTC, which stands for Vinyl Nylon Tray Cable. VNTC is flame retardant and features multiple THHN conductors with PVC/nylon insulation and a durable PVC jacket. VNTC is rated for 600 volts and 90º Celsius and is made up of THHN singles with a PVC jacket extruded throughout. VNTC is also available with the “-ER” optional marking from UL. This ER mark indicates that the product is suitable for use in extended runs, or an open wiring configuration without the use of conduit.

VNTC tray cable is available in many varieties and is quite easy to work with for technicians.  Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) stocks an array of sizes and conductor counts from 18 AWG up to 750 MCM. For current flow, VNTC can be configured with anywhere from 2 to 50 conductors. Control versions of VNTC tray cable (10 AWG-18AWG) are available in shielded and non-shielded varieties.

At DWC, we’ve recently expanded our tray cable inventory through an enormous manufacturing run of this popular product group. This massive inventory volume has enabled us to offer special pricing on all varieties of VNTC.

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