Value Adds & Services

Custom Wire and Cable Services to Help You Win More Business

Custom Wire and Cable Services to Help You Win More Business
DWC offers a full suite of solutions and value-added services to
get your customers exactly what they need when they need it.

Value Added Services

  • Wire & Cable Striping
    Wire & Cable Striping
    A cable identification solution to differentiate similar cables for safety and functionality. DWC offers custom options that enable any color stripe to be applied to any color wire.
  • Wire & Cable Dyeing
    Wire & Cable Dyeing
    Any cable – any color! Bring safety and simplicity to your customer’s job site. DWC makes cable identification easy by providing customized dyeing services for a specialized solution that help eliminate hassles and risks during installation.
  • Wire & Cable Twisting
    Wire & Cable Twisting
    Help your customers reduce costs and save time by forming a custom, jacketless, multi-conductor cable. DWC provides twisting services in a wide variety of configurations to create specialized solutions and intelligent options for your next project.
  • Cable Bundling
    Combine multiple-type cables and made-to-order bundles on a single reel. DWC offers tailored solutions and smart choices for your customer’s specialty projects.
  • Custom Printing
    For branding, safety, regulatory standards, or ease of installation, DWC offers custom printing and marking services for any application. The wire & cable you need – the way you need it!
  • Cable Management Services
    Cable Management Services
    Streamline logistics and reduce overhead by utilizing Cable Management Services from DWC. Our custom solutions are designed to reduce storage expenditures, product damage risks, and labor costs while enabling all stakeholders to manage wire & cable inventory more profitably.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
    24/7 Emergency Services
    When situations arise and your customer needs a solution fast, DWC Account Managers are on-call and ready to respond 24/7. No matter the circumstance, DWC can mitigate costly downtime and keep important projects on schedule.
  • Same Day Shipping
    Same Day Shipping
    DWC offers Crazy, Stupid Fast order fulfillment from one of our 7 US distribution centers. With our proprietary technology platform and the best logistics teams in the electrical industry, you can depend on DWC to deliver the wire & cable you need – when you need it!
  • No Cut Charges
    No Cut Charges
    Reduce waste and maximize profits by only ordering the wire & cable that your customers need. DWC provides cut-to-length orders, providing quality wire & cable products at the quantities you require!
  • No Reel Charges
    No Reel Charges
    DWC offers outstanding pricing on specialty wire & cable products without hidden costs or upcharges. Make the most of each transaction without having to factor in additional fees for reel charges and other expenditures.

Have questions or need help with a custom solution?

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Have questions or need help with a custom solution?