Understanding VFD Cables

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a type of controller that drives a motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor. It allows the user to change the speed or output of the motor. VFDs use pulse width modulation (PWD) to control the frequency of the signal and voltage to control motor speed. If you use improper cabling, the high frequency pulses can cause an insulation breakdown and equipment failure. VFD cable reduces the risk associated with these issues.

VFD Systems 101

VFD cableWhen working with VFD systems, it is crucial to use cables specifically engineered for this application. They prevent the stray voltage from reaching the motor that leads to the equipment failure. These high voltage spikes can reach up to 1,500 volts or greater. Using standard cables creates risk for failure related to these voltage spikes. Additionally, they can cause damage to the jacket and/or insulation. 

Furthermore, another benefit of VFD cables is the reduction in power consumption to reduce both costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Properly designed systems can reduce energy costs, creating higher efficiencies for industrial manufacturers. There is a growing need for saving energy, and using variable frequency drives in many applications to control electric motors help accomplish this.VFD

VFD cables have more benefits than disadvantages. However, there is a known challenge associated with them. They generate disruptive electrical noise in their environment which creates other problems to surrounding equipment. The voltage spikes and radio-frequency (RFI) noise disrupts devices such as electrical equipment and Ethernet systems, decreasing their performance.

Choosing the Right Cable Prevents Problems

Ultimately, the cable selected to power VFD systems is crucial to keeping the integrity of your customers’ valuable drives intact. Using standard lead wires or tray cables can put production times at risk for manufacturers and cause damage to machines or cause system failures. There are additional upfront costs associated with VFD cables, however, they will extend the life of the drives they are running and maximize your customer’s investment.

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