Mining Cords: Type W Mining Cord

Today’s featured article is in regards to Type W mining cable, its construction and applications in the work place. Type W is a highly flexible, durable cable that is designed for rugged applications as we will discuss in further detail below.

Let’s begin by breaking down it construction to give you a better sense of its quality and traits. Type W can be made anywhere from a single conductor construction up to five conductors. These conductors are made up of highly stranded bare copper wires. For example an 8 AWG conductor is made up of 133 total strands of copper. The reason for using such high levels of stranding is to increase the overall flexibility of the cable.

The insulation on Type W is also designed for greater flexibility but also for greater durability due to the harsh environments that the cable comes in contact with on a regular basis. Therefore, the insulation is typically made up of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or most commonly referred to as EPDM for short. This insulation is color coded for easy identification and is extremely ozone, oil, chemical and water resistant. The jacket that is also a rubber type material known as Chlorinated Polyethylene or CPE is also designed like the insulation to be flexible and rugged. On Type W the jacket is a reinforced, double-layered, and is an extra heavy duty CPE. Additionally, this double jacket helps to give the cable a good resistance to cutting, impacts, abrasions from dragging and flexing as well as flame and sunlight resistance.

One last note before we continue. Type W is rated for 600V continuous use or 2KV for temporary power. It is also the cable of choice in mining applications where bare grounding conductors are not required. If grounding is necessary then the cable of choice would be Type-G or GGC. Click Type G mining cords to learn more about these products.

Finally, Type W can be used in a number of different applications due to its excellent construction. Typically it is used for industrial mining applications and heavy duty service for power supply where high flexibility is needed. It is used in both surface mining applications to the toughest underground jobs. Its main function is to supply power to mining machines, cars, pumps as well as being used on Magnet cranes and hoists to name a few others.