The Year in Review

This year was a crazy, stupid, fast roller coaster year for our Distributor Wire & Cable family.

Throughout 2013 our DWC family has doubled in size! This year, 24 new family members joined DWC. These family members include:

Marketing: Jessica Floyd, Tina Thorpe and Aly Daugherty ; Sales: Chris Beaty, Joe Von Kennel, Shawn Winn, Drew Piller and Nate Lamb; Logistics: Dan Abeyta, Jarred McClellan, Jon Mendoza, Matt Kissane, Eric Hackler, Sefulusene Pui Pui, Ron Taylor, Hasheem Jackson and Bishop Hall; People Development: Breeze Gunderson; Accounting: Brandi Rigdon, Janelle Leyba, Mark McAninch, Michael Warthen, Lisa Chisman and Theresa Tran

With a growing family we saw the need for more space.  In July, our Denver Cable Distribution Center (CDC) added 17,000 square feet to make room for everyone. Unfortunately, that still was not enough space. Once again, we expanded to make room for our growing family.  This time, we opened up shop in Dallas, Texas.

Our Dallas Cable Distribution Center opened its doors on October 14th, fully stocked with all the wire and cable anyone could dream of.  In order to serve our distribution family, we decided to continue our expansion!  In 2013 we began planning for the opening of a brand new cable distribution center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Expect our newest CDC to open in the Spring 2014!

To have a good family dynamic, you have to take care of each other, and make sure everyone is staying healthy and active. This year, thanks to our People Development team, we have all been offered 401k plans and health insurance. With these benefits, our family is now healthier and ready for whatever the future brings.

We also added a Book Book Nook to nourish our minds. It is an internal library fully stocked with a variety of books, that we have found to be inspirational, life-changing or motivating. The most recent additions are, The Greatest Salesman in the World by OG Mandlno and The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

Nourishing the soul with fun is a must at DWC.  This year, we held many different events that allowed our family members to let loose and act like kids.  When we expanded our Denver facility, we opened up a circus right here in our very own warehouse called “Wired 4 Fun.”  We also held our annual Hack’s & Whack’s golf tourney.  Next year, we will be ready for the U.S Open!

Finally, our distribution family always makes time to give back A LOT.  In 2013, we witnessed as members of our cable and wire community, adopted a family during the holidays, supported others in their time of need during the Oklahoma Tornadoes, walked to support the Liver Life Walk, joined the call of the werewolf to fight prostate cancer, and donated thousands of toys to Toys for Tots.

This year was an exciting one for us to say the least.  We can’t wait to continue doing more incredible things with the support of all our great partners and customers.

Happy New Year from the DWC Family to yours!