The DWC Culture

It is Sunday evening and time to start planning for a hectic Monday morning. Is that little voice in your head dreading the start to another week, or is it secretly pumped about getting back to work?  For those of you who are secretly pumped, what makes you feel that way? Could it be a healthy company culture or the people you work with?

At DWC, we pride ourselves on having a work environment that people cannot wait to come back to on Monday.

“The start of every week is like a family reunion, a little friendly competition, good conversations and working towards a common goal,” said Michael Warthen, controller.

It was not an easy road and there is still work to be done. Here are a few things we have tried to get that “it” factor in our culture.


Candor is defined by being respectfully open and honest. This is possibly one of the most difficult parts of having a healthy culture because it requires face-to-face communication or feedback. During orientation our family members take a lesson from Jack Welch, the author of the book Winning, to get his take on candor and its importance to us.

Sneaker Time

Get away from your desk! Talk to people about more than just work. Get to know them on a personal level. This is also how we get our steps in for the day. On a nice day we like to take walks down the street. This can be easily pushed aside because we get busy but we have been known to schedule a walk in our Outlook calendars from time to time.

Have Fun

This is an easy one! No one said work had to be boring. Every Friday we do a team building activity, Crazy, Stupid Fast Games.  They are quick minute-to-win-it type games that help people get away from their desk, act silly and enjoy the afternoon. A recent team building event, on communication, required one family member to tell another how to make a PB&J sandwich. (Pictured above) Check out the video below to see some killer dance moves and the intro to our team building event.

Live Healthy

Eating healthy, sleeping well and exercising can make you feel better about yourself. We offer three fully-stocked kitchens with healthy snacks and lunch items to give people an alternative to the fast-food down the road. Also, our yoga room gives people a nice escape to take a moment and breathe. As for getting enough rest, that is up to you.

Take Lunch

Lunch is just as important as breakfast. It gives you fuel to power through those afternoon meetings. It can also be social and fun. We offer two picnic tables and several lunch areas for people to step away from their computers and  enjoy a meal with friends.

Furry Friends

Our dogs are family too. It’s really hard to leave them at home all by themselves, we bring them to work with us. Our dogs remind us to not take ourselves too seriously when we are having a bad day. They also serve as good listeners when we are brainstorming because they love every one of our ideas.

M&M Time

Knowledge is power. Through our mentor program, M&M Time, everyone has the chance to learn from one another. This empowers people to continue learning by trying new things and gaining perspective on what other family members do every day.

Remote Family

Our culture doesn’t solely live in Denver HQ. It spills out to all of our remote family members, through our games, healthy lunches, video chats and M&M Time. For example, our Dallas CDC kicked butt in our Bingo game and our Seattle CDC enjoys lunches together while showing off their Seahawks’ pride. We also love to see pictures from our Outside Sales Team’s daily adventures.

Being able to come into work on Monday, or any day, and look forward to what’s ahead is truly something special. When you look around the office and see people laughing, smiling and enjoying what they are doing, that is something magical. It is not taught or forced, it is just people being themselves and that is what we strive for.