The Dogs of DWC

Often times heading off to work means leaving your best friend at home alone all day. That is not the case for the dogs of DWC and their owners. Dogs are welcome in the office anytime.

A box of dog treats and toys are always available for all doggy visitors to enjoy. When dogs arrive, they are openly greeted with treats and people who are ready to discard work and spend time on the floor playing. Dogs enjoy free reign roaming about, making friends, causing chaos, and helping people de-stress.

“Having dogs in the office instantly improves peoples moods,” said Bryce Huett, CEO. “They are a de-stresser for a lot of people knowing they can take a break and pet a pup.”

Some of the dogs that have come in to help de-stress are:

Keegan Bast’s dog Ruka. She enjoys greeting people by jumping up and giving them a hug, but not if Keegan is around to stop her.

Joe Von Kennel’s dogs Mandfred and Zoey. While Manfred is more laid back Zoey is ready to destroy any toy in site, RIP Mr. Bill.

Chris Beaty’s dog Bruce. This Golden Retriever is always happy to see everyone, especially if they throw a ball for him.

Robert Salid’s dog Harvey. A pint-size Chihuahua who enjoys spending the day supervising Robert’s wire orders and taking a nap under his desk.

Tina Thorpe’s dog Chico a.k.a Peety, is a Pug king. He spends the day sitting in his own people chair, lounging and demanding attention from whoever comes in the door.

Jessica Floyd’s dog Sylkie. She was a little unsure at first. This loveable German Sheppard, has since warmed up and now allows everyone to play with her ball.

Aly Daugherty’s dog Tali. An old lady at heart, this Yellow Lab enjoys snoozing all day unless there is food around.

Matt Kissane’s dog Bailey. She is a rarely seen beauty that fears almost everything, and feels safest under Matt’s desk.

Robert Collinson’s dog Goober. She’s one big English Mastiff who may be part horse. All she really wants is to give everyone she meets a slobbery kiss.

Bryce Huett’s dogs Jude and Skarlett. These Miniature Australian Sheppard’s are a dynamic duo who enjoy causing chaos around the office and leaving messes for Bryce to clean up.

Lisa Chisman’s Golden Retreivers, Scam and Josie. These beautiful dogs are litter mates. Scam grew up to become a show dog while Josie decided to go for a more laid back life of endless belly rubs.

All of our four-legged friends are spoiled rotten when they come to work and that is probably why they keep coming back. After all, there is no better way to spend a day than with man’s best friend.