The CDC Manager Summit

Last month, Denver HQ was packed with more family members than usual. Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) held its first Cable Distribution Center (CDC) Manager Summit. Managers flew in from all over the country for the three-day event. It was the first time they were all in the same place, and for most of them, it was also the first time they met each other in person.

“It was great to see the team come together so effortlessly during the summit,” said Eric Hackler, Logistics District Manager. “We had been battle tested together, coming to each other’s aid when needed. It was good to finally be in the same place to share our bond.”

The first day started out with a tour of the office and reconnecting with the Denver HQ family members. After making their rounds, the CDC Managers made their way into the conference room for an ice breaker. They each shared a fact about themselves that no one knew. Adam Peterson, Logistics District Manager, admitted to breaking both arms at the same time when he was in second grade. Kansas City CDC Manager, Toby Henderson, told the group that he played minor league baseball with Albert Pujols.

On day two, the CDC Managers met with the marketing team to cover the importance of the DWC Brand. In an activity, the group matched up logos with the appropriate company. This demonstrated how important it is to stay consistent with branding. From there, the Managers made their way to another team building activity that focused on communication. They stood on the same tarp and by communicating with each other, they flipped it onto the other side without anyone stepping off. It took a little time, but the guys were able to complete the challenge successfully.

“Sometimes, the first idea isn’t the best but trial and error can always be your best adviser,” said Adam.

On the last day of the summit, the CDC Managers came together to talk about what the future holds for the logistics department. After spending time with different departments, they collaborated on new ideas, communication and ultimately, how to bring their logistics teams to the next level. Denver HQ enjoyed having all the CDC Managers visit and it was hard for everyone to say their goodbyes. Luckily, they will always be able to video chat to stay connected!