The Art of Mastering Leadership

img_8442_25046007975_oLeadership is a big, scary word that gets thrown around quite often in the workplace.  What does leadership actually mean? What does it look like? At Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) we have made it our mission to find great leaders and develop them through our Certified Master of Leadership Program (CML).

Over the course of 2015, eleven members of the DWC Family went through the rigorous and fun program.  They took classes on communication, public speaking and goal setting, to name a few.

“Great program,” said Robert McCord, “Tons of fun while still being educational. All the classes are focused on teaching skills that can be used immediately.”

On February 11, 2016, the first graduating CML class was awarded their diplomas. The recipients included: Robert McCord, Matt Kissane, Laura Kitto, Tyler Waggoner, Michael Warthen, Jessica Floyd, Tina Thorpe, Mark McAninch, Bryce Huett, Adam Peterson and Keegan Bast.

Now, the graduates will act as mentors to the participants in the second round of the CML program. During the 2016 program, Chris Harrison, Drew Piller and Aly Daugherty will learn what it takes to be a leader at DWC.

“I am excited to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow with my peers,” said Chris Harrison. “DWC is opening many doors for us!”

As DWC continues to grow, the goal is that every potential DWC leader will go through the program to become a  Certified Master of Leadership. This, in turn, will create a stronger company with empowered, passionate individuals who continue to make it great!