The 2015 DWC Spring Games

Developing our family and the culture at DWC is something that we take very seriously.  We work very hard to provide superior customer service and be the best at what we do.  We wouldn’t be able to do that without working together as a team.  That is one of the reasons we started monthly team building events, plus all of that hard work deserves a little reward! Last month, our family members were invited to participate in the 2015 DWC Spring Games.  With five different teams competing for the coveted DWC Reel you might imagine that things got a little heated!  

The teams used individual talent to complete different challenges over the course of two days.  There were mental challenges that required team members to rescue a gummy worm from certain death.  In the end, I hear that the sugary snack tasted delicious.  The irony of knowing Gummy Worm Sam was rescued, only to be eaten in the end!  Physical challenges brought excitement to our yoga room.  Inside sales agents, Ben Sabados and Joe Von Kennel went head to head with a “Sit Up Off” after a tie competition. Each completed over 70 sit-ups in a minute. Their poor abs! “I think any other day of the week, I’d have crushed Joe and done twice as many,” said Ben after all was said and done.

There was an “I Spy” event that required focus and attention to detail.  I was able to get the upper hand in this competition due to my laser eyeballs (I only call them that because of my laser eye surgery.) Next, family members were tested on their knowledge of DWC trivia.  I should mention that CEO, Bryce Huett and member of the Gray team, won that challenge.  (We all would have been disappointed if he hadn’t.)  The final challenge of day one was a minute to win it style game that sounded rather terrifying to me.  Players had to toss tennis and ping pong balls into a bucket on their teammates head! I watched my teammates, Adam Peterson, CDC Manager and Drew Piller, Inside Sales, give this game all they had.

At the end of day one, the gray team was ahead .  The rest of us had high hopes to win the day two challenges:

1. Build a paper airplane with the provided materials and fly it further than any other team.

2. Pose for a picture with the rest of your team that captured total team spirit.

3. Answer a DWC themed crossword puzzle.

The gray team was going to be hard to beat, but there were four teams, including mine, that were willing to give it a shot.  Paper airplane? No problem!  As out of the box thinkers, we used the materials provided which included, paper, army men, Milk Duds, tin foil and more.  Many of the teams all had the same idea.  Place the materials in the tin foil and chuck it as far as possible through the DWC HQ parking lot.  It worked out well… for the Gray Team. They “flew” that “plane” 132 feet!  I am sad to tell you that my green team’s “airplane” shattered as soon as it hit the pavement.  But, there was still hope!

Picture time! OK, go big or go home right?  My team thought outside the box.  We went artsy.  We displayed the spirit of our team as well as the DWC Spring Games.  We went for the gold, literally!

It was AWESOME… or so I thought.  The red team killed us!  They put DWC’s values on their shirts and even posed a team member, who was unexpectedly absent, by using a lamp!  That took some gumption!  The blue team grew fantastic blue mustaches and the black team wore shark fins on their heads.  The gray team?  They went overboard with a Gray’s Anatomy theme, complete with an operating table and a brain constructed of what looked like play dough!

Everyone aced the crossword puzzle.  The hardest question to answer?  I think that was a toss up between, “Who in the DWC Family sings Italian Opera?” and “Who sported Underoos as a child?”  I won’t give away any secrets here, but shoot me an email me at if you are dying to find out!

As you have probably guessed by now, the gray team was crowned the 2015 DWC Spring Games Champion.  Their over competitiveness and trash talking helped them put points on the leader board.  Don’t feel bad for the rest of us.  We’ll take ’em next  year. Actually, I hear there is talk of a 2015 Fall games…  BRING IT ON GRAY TEAM!  YOU”RE GOING DOWN!

Written by Proud Green Team Member, Tina Thorpe, Marketing & Brand Director

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