Teck 90 Cable

Teck 90 cable originated in Canada but is a popular product in many areas of the world today.

Teck 90 Cable

Teck Cable is composed of bare copper conductors with cross linked polyethylene insulation giving it a XHHW rating. Standard temperature range for these Teck products is 90 degrees Celsius wet or dry with an emergency temperature range of 130 degrees Celsius. All Teck cables come with a bare ground wire in the construction.

Standard Teck uses aluminum interlocked armor (AIA). A unique feature to Teck 90 or Teck style cables is the inner and outer PVC jacket. This extra inner jacket provides additional protection from external physical and chemical damage over typical aluminum interlocked products. The extra inner jacket adds a significant reduction in the amount of corrosive acidic gases evolved under fire conditions which ensures added safety to operational personnel and protection of sensitive electronic equipment.

Teck 90 cable is slightly more expensive than standard aluminum interlocked armored products; however the additional PVC jacket on the inside of the Teck cable can make it a better cost effective long term solution for many people.

In Canada, Teck meets the CSA Teck 90 requirements and in the USA it is rated as a UL type metal clad (MC). There are many different uses for Teck 90 and Teck style products. You will see these versatile cables in pulp, paper, mining and petroleum plants. Also, it can be found frequently in many chemical industries and commercial buildings.

A big advantage of using an armored product such as Teck 90 is the fact you avoid the need for conduit or ducts. Since the Teck style item has armor in its construction, and can be direct buried, it eliminates the need for pipe saving the contractor or end user money in many hazardous applications. These products are typically rated at 600 Volts in the circuit sizes (10 AWG and smaller) and 1000 Volts in the power sizes (8awg and larger).

It is worth noting you will at times find Teck 90 and Teck style products with galvanized steel interlocking armor (GIA). These styles are not typically stocked and would be offered as a special manufactured item.

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