Taking a Walk for Heart Health

– by Ted Jolly

Ted Jolly is DWC’s resident “marketing geek” and is dedicated to informing customers about DWC’s outstanding products and services

DWC'ers at the Heart Walk

A few weeks ago, my wife, my son, and I spent a sunny Saturday morning attending the Denver Heart Walk with several of my DWC co-workers. It was a beautiful day for a 5k stroll around Denver and a chance for my 10-year-old kid to finish up our walk by doing a lap around the field at Mile High Stadium, the home of his beloved Denver Broncos.

During the Heart Walk, we all wore matching company t-shirts in remembrance of Rob Spencer, a Procurement Specialist who worked in our Denver HQ. You see, Rob Spencer passed away suddenly almost two years ago due to complications with his heart. We all gathered to walk in his honor. Rob’s positive impact on our workplace and our world inspires us at DWC and makes the American Heart Association a highly personal cause for our company.

Rob Spencer

Rob Spencer

I never had the opportunity to work with Rob as I’ve only been with DWC a little over six months. While we walked, I wondered what he was like and asked a few of my coworkers about him. “Rob’s compassion, kindness, and positivity were infectious. He lifted the collective mood of our Denver office, along with any of our customers or suppliers who worked with him” shared Laura Kitto, Director of People Development at DWC.

I learned that each morning, Rob would post an inspirational quote on DWC’s company-wide message board. Tyler Waggoner, DWC’s Director of Operations explained “Rob always gave us something powerful to think about with those quotes. I’d always look forward to logging on to my computer and seeing what wisdom he had shared with everyone on a given day.” Tyler went on to add, “The guy was truly an incredible individual, and we are all grateful to have known him.”

It can happen to anyone.

On average, someone dies of cardiovascular disease in the US every 38 seconds. The American Heart Association estimates that nearly half of the adult population in our country has hypertension or some form of cardiovascular disease. According to 2016 data, about 390 people die from stroke each day.

Rob Spencer is proof that Heart Disease and Stroke can strike anyone at any time. “He was a personal trainer in his spare time, and he worked out at his gym every single day. The man was seriously jacked!” commented Robert McCord, DWC’s Senior Manager, Procurement and Global Supply Chain. Rob’s focus on physical fitness and his healthy lifestyle made it hard for anyone to imagine that he’d be susceptible to any physical issues. He was the picture of health!

I never knew Rob Spencer.

…I really wish I would have!

As we continued our walk and I learned more about Rob, my thoughts wandered in a few different directions. I felt bad for Rob’s family and my coworkers that they lost such an amazing guy at such a young age. Perhaps selfishly, I was a little disappointed that I never had a chance to meet Rob and work with him here at Distributor Wire & Cable. I also felt inspired by Rob to live by two of the company values that DWC advocates:

Live Healthy

Give Back, A Lot

Personally, I’m committed to learning from DWC’s involvement with the American Heart Association and I’ll endeavor to Live Healthy. I’ll consult the AHA for ideas and best practices to make this happen (A good place to start is: here).

Finish line at Heart WalkAs a company, DWC will continue to Give Back, A Lot and honor Rob by staying committed to heart health related charities that save lives. DWC will participate in the Denver Heart Walk in 2020 with the goal of raising even more money than we did this year. Heart health will certainly be a focal point among the various charities and community outreach initiatives that we participate in as a company and in partnerships with our customers.



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