Sumo Wrestling Makes Its Way to Distributor Wire

On June 12, 2012, DWC kicked-off their first annual Sumo Social at their Denver facility. With the growth DWC has experienced the past few months, there was no better way to bring the entire DWC Gang together than with sumo wrestling, cold beverages  and delicious food.

“This was a perfect time for everyone to get to know each other outside of work, and it turned out to be a nice evening that everyone enjoyed.  Nothing says team building like getting body slammed in a fat suit,” commented Sheila Gentile  the director of human resources.

Every employee at DWC was brave enough to step into the ring.  Ricardo King, however, stepped away as the 2012 Sumo Champion.  Ricardo commented, “It was a lot of fun throwing my co-workers around like rag dolls.”  Ricardo pocketed $100 cash for his victory and plans on becoming a repeat champion.

DWC looks forward to bringing the Sumo Social back to their Denver facility next year and in the years to come.