Stress Management


Everyone has stress, but not everyone knows how to manage it.  As part of our value to Live Healthy, we took a hard look at ourselves and the stress we feel every day. We learned two things from this self-reflection: one, massages are awesome, and two, there are some really easy ways to feel less stressed.

On April 19th and 20th, an expert massage therapist spent a few hours giving out ten-minute chair massages to DWC family members. She not only worked out lots of knots, due to stress, but also poor posture and overuse.

“The massage was awesome,” said Logistics Specialist, Darren Howard. “It was incredibly relaxing.”

Then it was our account managers’ turn to do a little self-reflecting. With help from our People Development Manager, Laura Kitto, our account managers learned how to become stress relief experts. They learned that something as simple as setting your alarm five minutes earlier can make morning routines a breeze. Or stepping outside for a walk, jog or even lunch to clear your brain can prepare you for anything an afternoon has in store.

Chair massages may be out of the question as a form of daily relaxation, but you too can take a few of the simple steps our account managers did. They are an easy and quick way to feel more relaxed on a daily basis.

Other ways to ease daily tension, according to the American Institute of Stress, include: getting enough sleep, eating healthy and limiting your caffeine intake . For more tips and techniques visit their website.