Staying Healthy for the Holidays


During the holiday season many people struggle to stay healthy, especially when all they want to do is cozy up next to the fire, drink cocoa and watch holiday classics. One of our values at DWC is to Live Healthy. These tips will help you fight the struggle to be active!

Don’t let the cold or snow stop you from going outside! Football is played in any weather. Start your own game with the family while the turkey is cooking. This will bring everyone together and get them moving. Plan a ski trip with your family today. Enjoy the fresh air out on the slopes. Finally, get out of the house. Check out the Christmas lights in the neighborhood and see who has the best display.

Eat Healthy! Staying healthy is all about balance and moderation, remember not to skip meals. It is better to eat four to six small, portioned meals rather than wait and overindulge in one sitting. If you have a main course that isn’t healthy, balance it out with a healthy dessert. Try a baked apple instead of Dutch Apple Pie. As tempting as Dutch Apple Pie is, sadly it has about 488 calories per slice while one baked apple has about 165 calories. Don’t worry, it still has the same great flavors.

Head out this holiday season with healthy goals in mind. Don’t let the cold and dessert tables scare you. With these helpful tips you can’t go wrong.