SOOW: SO Cable and SO Rubber Cord

SO cable is one of the most popular and versatile portable electrical cords made today. These are multi-conductor cords, comprised of 2 or more conductors, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. This versatility allows SO cable to be utilized in a variety of environments. Although it is found in commercial, residential and industrial facilities it has gained the most popularity in mills, mines, and marinas. The high stranding in SO cable creates an extra flexibility which makes it ideal for portable appliances and motors.

SO cable is manufactured in several forms in order to meet a variety of specifications. Listed below is the key that is commonly used in the wire and cable industry for this flexible rubber cord:

S = Service Cord (600 Volts)

J = Junior Service Cord (300 Volts)

T = Thermoplastic

E = Elastomer

O = Oil Resistant Outside Jacket

OO = Oil Resistant both inside insulation and outside jacket

W = CSA designation for weather/water resistance

SOOW is the most popular version of this flexible rubber cord. With a superior resistance to oil, water and chemicals SOOW is commonly used in industrial applications. SOOW is created by using thermoset, thermoplastic elastomer or thermoplastic. Thermoset, or rubber, is found in more heavy duty applications. The thermoplastic elastomer, or plastic that looks and feels like rubber, is ideal for withstanding cold environments. Thermoplastic is simply a lighter grade plastic that is used in very light SOOW applications.

SOOW flexible rubber cords carry a 600 volt rating. They are also manufactured as a 300 volt rated Junior Service cord designated as SJOOW. Using the key, a SJEOOW cord is a 300 volt (junior service) elastomer plastic oil resistant inner and outer jacket portable cord. By using the key you can see there are many types of SO cable that can be created beyond SOOW.

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