Social Responsibility Days – Good Deeds are Good for Business!

Company sponsored social responsibility days add up to much more than employees doing great things for worthy causes. Volunteering is a key part of any corporate community outreach program and can improve company culture in many ways. Taking time to Give Back, A Lot shows what your company stands for, improves employee attraction/retention, enhances teamwork, and helps build your brand. All these factors benefit your distributor’s bottom line while serving the community where you operate.

It’s All About Company Values!

Encouraging company supported volunteer work is a great way to highlight and strengthen your core values to employees. Not only are employees more aware of the emphasis on social responsibility that your distribution center has, they will also appreciate being involved in worthwhile community work that supports your company’s mission. In addition to providing employees with a healthy break from their normal day-to-day routine, participating in social responsibility days will foster involvement and motivation that comes naturally when working for an employer that values doing good things in the community.

Giving Back Helps Attract and Retain Employees

Involvement in social responsibility programs helps attract and retain employees by providing workers with meaning and satisfaction beyond their everyday roles. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey revealed that 59% of job seekers gravitated toward companies with pronounced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Great employees are motivated by a culture of giving and increasingly seek out employers that allow them to participate in charitable work on company time. Designated social responsibility days are a great perk and can play a key factor in making qualified job candidates choose to work for your distributor over another company.

Social Responsibility Days Build Teamwork

Social responsibility days are a great way for employees to work together outside of the normal, everyday work environment. The shared experiences of these volunteer opportunities help enhance professional relationships and build camaraderie. The team building aspects that go along with social responsibility days can be an added benefit to your electrical distributor. These opportunities are often inexpensive to execute and tend to make a positive, lasting impact on company culture. Many HR leaders believe that employee participation in volunteer events can be among the most effective forms of team building and collaboration across business units.

Great for Your Brand!

Another added benefit to social responsibility days is the fact that they help your electrical distributor enhance its brand. Customers, as well as members of your local community, view your company’s volunteerism in a positive light. When people think of your distribution center, they also think of all the great charitable work that your company is involved in. Active participation in volunteer work within your community helps people see beyond your products and services. A focused social responsibility program promotes trust and engagement with your customers while helping to add profits to your bottom line.