Q&A with Travis Williams

Get to know DWC’s new CEO

Q: What was it about the opportunity to join DWC that appealed to you for this next chapter of your career?

When I was approached, a few things about DWC really stood out to me. First and foremost –  the culture. This is a great opportunity to work with an energetic, smart, and truly customer focused team. The positive things that I’d always heard from customers and vendors about DWC are for real! I’m really glad to be a part of this team moving forward. Also, the electrical distribution industry is second to none! I really value the relationships with vendors and customers that I’ve developed over the years.

During your experience in the wire & cable industry,  you’ve worked for a manufacturer, a master distributor, and an electrical distributor. What common challenge do all three of these areas of the supply chain share?  

I had a colleague once say, “there are wire guys everywhere!” His point was that the electrical distribution market is pretty fragmented and being a go-to vendor who can really stand out to this diverse market is important. There are a lot of great businesses out there and DWC has some outstanding things going for it that will help differentiate ourselves from other wire & cable suppliers.

Referring once again to your background that we mentioned in the previous question; what opportunities do you see for these three industry players to help each other succeed?

Establishing a foundation of trust throughout the wire & cable supply chain can lead to a business environment where everyone wins. The word “partner” means a great deal to me. I envision a situation where manufacturers and master distributors can work together to help electrical distributors serve THEIR customers (contractors, end users, etc.). With improved communication between these main players, we can help empower our electrical distributor partners to serve end users in a much better and more efficient manner.

 If you could pick one adjective that you’d want electrical distributors to use when describing DWC, what would that be?


Ultimately, I hope our distributor partners value what we bring to the table and all that we do to help them succeed. We want to be viewed as knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, and having a vested interest in our customers’ success. Our constant mission to develop new ways to make wire & cable easier and more profitable for them is part of our commitment to bring value to our partnership.

You were a receiver with the Green Bay Packers. What’s it like to catch a pass from Brett Favre?

Intense! I was a “free agent nobody” trying to make the team. I knew that if I was going to earn a spot on that roster, I absolutely HAD to catch whatever Brett threw at me (talk about pressure)!  With that said, his reputation as a gunslinger was certainly true. When he stepped into a throw, you could hear it coming and you’d better defend yourself by catching it with your hands or end up with a football shaped bruise on your chest! But he was also really good at making finesse throws that were always placed in the right spot! Brett was great to be around! He is a down-to-Earth guy that would fit in really well here in the electrical industry.

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