Project Partnerships

The supply chain solution to help you succeed!

by Ted Jolly, DWC Marketing Manager

 When it comes to wire & cable, we’ve seen it all here at Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC). Most of the time, our Account Managers can look at a bill of materials and determine what type of project your end user is putting together. They often use this information to offer recommendations to help maximize efficiencies and value. The service benefits of having an experienced supply chain partner like DWC helps to reduce costs, eliminate risks, and avoid project delays. However, the big win for distributors is the added piece of mind that comes with having the guidance and expertise of a trusted project partner in your corner.

Last week, I went to lunch with Drew Piller, DWC’s National Accounts Manager. On the way to the restaurant, we passed by a new gas station that was being built. Drew asked me to look at the construction site and tell him what I saw. “A new gas station?” I replied. 

“That’s not what I’m looking at,” stated Drew.

“I see 2,000 feet of single conductor FEP, 1,000 feet of FEP ethernet cable for the station’s communication systems, 600 feet of low voltage FEP and a few hundred feet of twisted wire for the credit card machines.” Drew continued to list products and lengths for several minutes. He went on to add, “We spec wire for quite a few gas station projects. We’ve developed the ability to mentally put together everything you’d need to connect a gas station. Our project teams can pretty much assess what’s needed based on the number of gas pumps, the size of the building that will house the convenience store, and whether or not it has a car wash.”

As a master distributor of wire & cable, DWC has seen a lot of projects over the years. From gas stations, food processing facilities, and paper mills to multi-family housing, pipeline gathering facilities, and water treatment plants; the DWC project teams have accumulated a great deal of experience helping electrical distributors put together wire and cable packages for jobs of similar size and scope. The knowledge gained from these reoccurring projects gives DWC the ability to help customers think through inventory decisions and maximize the effectiveness of their wire and cable product line.

A good supply chain partner must do much more than provide customers with great pricing. Being able to help electrical distributors select the most versatile, cost effective products that meet the specifications of the project can help them avoid being stuck with specialized inventory items that might be hard to move. Whether it’s switchgear, lighting, or wire & cable, working with partners that help you maximize your stock solutions is a great way to move beyond working with suppliers and toward realizing the benefit of working with a partner.

A good supply chain partner will also offer a full range of products, providing a “one-stop shopping” experience to simplify and save time on your project. DWC takes this a step further by offering a variety of value-added services to ensure your end user gets what they need – when they need it! Wire & cable solutions like striping, dying, twisting, custom cuts and cable management help to keep projects on schedule and make things easier and safer for technicians.

Make your next project easy by working with a supply chain partner rather than a supplier. For more information, contact the DWC project team today!