Enter the total length in feet you'll need. You can specify different reel lengths in the put up field.

Optional. Enter your required feet per reel in the following format #reels X #feet. For example, for 1,000 feet on three reels you might enter: 1x500,2x250. You may enter as many reels as you need. Make sure your put ups match for your total length.

Reels Qty:

Enter the number of reels you desire at the specified length - for example you can order 2 put ups of 500 feet of cable. Also you can add the same product to your quote for separate lengths per reel. For example if you need a reel of 500 feet and an additional reel of 100 feet.

DWC Part #: 1802VNTC Categories: ,
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TC-ER cable (VNTC) is used in 600 volt applications for power and control signals. It can be installed in ducts, trays, conduit and direct buried. Rated for Class 1, Div 2 hazardous locations.

Conductor: Stranded bare copper

Insulation: PVC/TFFN

Jacket: Nylon/PVC

Flame Test: IEEE 383 70,000 BTU/hour flame test

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Additional information

DWC Part # 1802VNTC1802VNTCFLT1803VNTC1804VNTC1805VNTC1806VNTC1807VNTC1808VNTC1809VNTC1810VNTC1812VNTC1815VNTC1819VNTC1820VNTC1825VNTC1830VNTC1837VNTC
AWG Size 1818181818181818181818181818181818
# of Conductors 2234567891012151920253037
# of Strands 7/167/167/167/167/167/167/167/167/167/167/167/167/167/167/167/167/16
Nylon Jacket Thickness In Mils 44444444444444444
Insulation Thickness In Mils 1515151515151515151515151515151515
Jacket Thickness In Mils 4545454545454545454545456060606060
O.D. Inch 0.26.18x.260.280.310.330.360.370.380.410.450.460.510.570.610.650.690.74
Weight Lbs/M 3333435262727989104111127157202228258300360