Enter the total length in feet you'll need. You can specify different reel lengths in the put up field.

Optional. Enter your required feet per reel in the following format #reels X #feet. For example, for 1,000 feet on three reels you might enter: 1x500,2x250. You may enter as many reels as you need. Make sure your put ups match for your total length.

Reels Qty:

Enter the number of reels you desire at the specified length - for example you can order 2 put ups of 500 feet of cable. Also you can add the same product to your quote for separate lengths per reel. For example if you need a reel of 500 feet and an additional reel of 100 feet.

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Type GG-C is a 2KV (2000 volts) portable/mining cord frequently used in industrial mining applications and heavy duty service for power supply where high flexiblity is needed. Used in three phase AC systems where grounding is required. Can be used in wet locations and submersion in shallow water.  The temperature rating is 90C.

Conductor: Extra flexible bare copper

Insulation: Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)

Grounds: Two ground conductors and one reduced ground check (all insulated and color coded)

Jacket: CPE

Notes: MSHA Approved

Color Code: Black, White and Red

Additional information

DWC Part # 0803GGC0603GGC0403GGC0203GGC0103GGC1/003GGC2/003GGC3/003GGC4/003GGC25003GGC35003GGC50003GGC
# of Strands 133133259259259259259259259427427427
Insulation Thickness In Mils 606060608080808080959595
Jacket Thickness In Mils 143152172180193203198185207267283295
Grounding Conductor AWG 1010876543221/02/0
Ground Check Size 1010101088888888
O.D. Inch 0.971.051.191.341.511.651.751.892.042.382.733.02
Weight Lbs/M 6758251125152517952390279034264030544572739439