Enter the total length in feet you'll need. You can specify different reel lengths in the put up field.

Optional. Enter your required feet per reel in the following format #reels X #feet. For example, for 1,000 feet on three reels you might enter: 1x500,2x250. You may enter as many reels as you need. Make sure your put ups match for your total length.

Reels Qty:

Enter the number of reels you desire at the specified length - for example you can order 2 put ups of 500 feet of cable. Also you can add the same product to your quote for separate lengths per reel. For example if you need a reel of 500 feet and an additional reel of 100 feet.

DWC Part #: RG59CATVPVC Categories: ,
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Application: Coaxial cables are used in home video, radios, measurement systems, computer networks, Ethernet and other types of data or signal transmission. They can be found in both PVC and Plenum constructions

Conductor: Stranded or solid (copper or copper covered steel)

Insulation: PVC or FPE

Jacket: PVC or Polyethylene

Additional information

AWG Size 20202220 Coax18 Cond.20 Coax18 Cond.1818181818181818
# of Conductors 111121211221111
Solid / Stranded SolidSolid7/30Solid 7/26Solid 7/26SolidSolidSolidSolidSolidSolidSolidSolid
Style RG 59RG 59RG 59RG 59RG 59RG 6RG 6RG 6RG 6RG 6RG 6RG 6RG 6
Standard Put-up 1000'1000'1000'1000'1000'1000'1000'1000'1000'1000'1000'1000'1000'