Product Corner – VFD (Variable Frequency Drive Cable)

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) cables are used to carry power from AC drive systems to AC motors to accurately control motor speeds. Prior to the advent of specialty VFD cabling, conventional armored cables were used for this process. However, VFD cables are constructed to be much better at handling demanding industrial operating conditions such as amplified noise, voltage spikes, and highly challenging environmental conditions. Other common names for VFD that you may see on quote requests include adjustable speed drive, constant torque drive, inverter drive, and pulse width modulation (PWM) drive.

VFD cables are made to deliver precise, high-power signals at extremely high voltage thresholds (all the way up to 2KV). To help maximize the lifecycle and up-time of expensive VFD systems, these highly specialized cables were developed to mitigate the risks of amplified electrical noise, and voltage spikes that lead to costly failures. In addition to prolonging the life of control systems, bearings, and other motor components, specialty VFD cables deliver improved control, higher efficiency, smoother start/stop functionality, and quieter operation.


DWC supplies VFD cabling with conductors made up of Class-B stranded, uncoated, annealed copper, conforming to ASTM requirements, and is insulated with UL-rated black XLP. Each conductor is black and printed with its conductor number in accordance with ICEA standards. Grounding is handled by three Class-B stranded, un-coated, annealed copper ground wires. The three conductors and three ground wires are cabled with non-hygroscopic fillers. Shielding consists of a 5 mil un-coated copper tape which is helically wrapped over the twisted assembly with a 50% (nominal) overlap. The outer jacket is made up of a black, flame retardant PVC jacket that meets/exceeds UL standards.

Recommending premium VFD cables can provide a huge benefit for your customers in the industrial and manufacturing spaces. If they are sharing instances of cable failure, motor failure, and/or a reduction in the longevity of the equipment that they rely on, VFD cabling can provide a cost-effective solution to help maximize productivity.

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