Product Corner – Festoon Cable

With the manufacturing sector picking up again, many distributors are seeing an increase in demand for industrial products. Among the most “specialized” of specialty wire & cable offerings for industrial applications is festoon cable. Festoon cable is designed for use in festoon systems and supplies power or control to a mechanical system. Typically flat in its design, festoon cable is designed for its space savings and the incredible flexibility required for constant, repetitive movements.

Festoon Systems

Festoon systems are supports for electrical cables that enable the festoon cable to move in unison with hoists, cranes, trollies, mechanical arms, or other mobile equipment without fatiguing or fouling. Festoon systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations to handle the mobility needs of cables used in applications big and small. These applications include automotive manufacturing, robotics, seaport loading & unloading, lumber mills, airport jetway systems, specialty elevator systems, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, car washes, water treatment systems, bulk materials conveyors, and many other types of moving equipment.

Cable Construction

Festoon cables are typically flat and are designed for continuous flexing, extreme temperatures, and high voltages. Insulation consists of a PVC jacket rated for -40°C to 105°C. Used, in both indoor and outdoor environments, these cables constructed to withstand harsh environments and are chemical, oil, and UV-radiation resistant. Having the need for both flexibility and durability, festoon cables are constructed with extra flexible copper stranding and often have bend radiuses that are 3-5 times their diameter. Festoon cables come in a variety of gauge sizes and conductor counts.

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