Product Corner – Aluminum Wire & Cable

Mobile Home Feeder (MHF)

For projects with tight budget parameters, a cost-friendly wire & cable alternative to traditional copper are products with aluminum conductors. Not all project specifications are a good fit for aluminum, so it’s important to confirm the specific requirements for your customers’ project. For the savvy electrical distributor, the option of quoting a spec comprised of aluminum wire can provide valuable benefits that can help you win more bids.

Reduced Weight

It only takes one pound of aluminum to equal the current-carrying capacity of two pounds of copper. This makes aluminum wire & cable an appealing material for builders, utilities, and other applications. With a weight that is half of the equivalent ampacity of copper, aluminum provides an advantage for pulling or supporting applications. The lighter weight of aluminum wire also makes it much easier and safer for technicians to perform overhead installations and long runs.


While copper has a higher tensile strength, aluminum cable has extreme endurance and resistance to fatigue – especially when you factor in its low weight. In typical situations, aluminum has the ability to flex without breaking. The endurance fatigue of aluminum alloy building wire is generally greater than equivalent ampacity copper and exhibits less spring-back. Aluminum also reduces electricity discharge (corona) from the wire in high-potential situations.

Low Cost

Perhaps aluminum is best known for its cost-saving advantages. Aluminum conductors are generally more economical than equal ampacity copper conductors. In some cases, it can be as low as a third of the cost of copper wiring, providing a huge benefit to your customer and more margin flexibility in your bids. Quite often, the economics of aluminum make it more desirable to use. This is especially evident in large projects that require extensive wiring and feature runs span long distances.

DWC Stocks Aluminum Wire

In addition to our outstanding selection of copper products, DWC stocks a variety of aluminum products including Mobile Home Feeder (MHF), ACSR, XHHW, SER, Service Drop, and URD. With inventory strategically located in our nationwide network of distribution centers, our outstanding logistics teams can cut orders to specific lengths for convenience, cost savings, and customization. Despite a challenging supply chain environment due to global business conditions, DWC is well-stocked with aluminum products and ready to help our electrical distribution partners serve their customers.

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