Product Corner – Aluminum SER


Aluminum SER cable is a versatile residential/commercial wire used for primary and secondary structures. The “SER” refers to the cable’s primary application as a “service entrance” conductor. SER carries power from a service drop to the electrical meter base, and from that meter base to the distribution panel.

Another application for SER is to use it as a service entrance feeder cable from utility poles to a sub-panel when distributing power to an area outside a building (like a detached garage, pole barn, shop, greenhouse, pool house, etc.). SER is a perfect cable for feeding power to a sub-panel, and, depending on the number of amps a sub-panel can handle, installers will use a variety of sizes of SER as a sub-panel feeder. What’s important to keep in mind when wiring a sub-panel on a structure separate from the home is that the sub-panel will need to be grounded. For this reason, most SER cable comes with the ground included.

The maximum operating temperature for SER should not exceed 90°C in wet or dry locations. The voltage rating is 600 volts. For installation, SER is most suitable as an above-ground service entrance cable. For direct burial aluminum cable for underground distribution, aluminum URD is the preferred solution for most technicians.

Aluminum SER Cable

Aluminum SER


SER is made up of compact, stranded AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductors. With color-coded XHHW-2 insulation on individual conductors. Insulated conductors are cabled with the bare ground wire. A flame retardant fiberglass-reinforced binder tape and sunlight resistant printing on a flame retardant, gray polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material.

Typical phase conductors are identified by colored stripe configurations on the insulation. Some examples include:

  • 3 conductor – Black and Black with Red Stripe
  • 4 conductor – Black, Black with White Stripe and Black with Red Stripe
  • 5 conductor – Black, Black with White Stripe, Black with Red Stripe and Black with Blue Stripe

At DWC, we feature an expansive selection of SER varieties, allowing electrical distributors to maximize opportunities and write more orders. Contact your DWC Account Manager today for quotes or questions about this popular product.