Presenting the DWC Flippers

Synchronized swimming is not for the faint of heart. It takes dedication. It is a combination of dance and gymnastics and when done properly it is a beautiful display of the arts. It took our team of synchronized “swimmers” an afternoon of rigorous practice to at least get the idea of what it’s like to be a real swimmer. In honor of spring, may we present to you, The DWC Flippers.

Joe Von Kennel, Senior Account Manager

This new dad and parkour expert traded in his tennis shoes for a snorkel and swim trunks. Now a part of the DWC Flippers, he couldn’t be more happy.

Chris Harrison, Cable Distribution Center Manager

With the support of his fiance, Chris took on the challenge of becoming a synchronized swimming expert. Now he is a master in the warehouse and the pool.

Jack Pando, Junior Account Manager

Jack is a fun-loving snowboarder who prefers his water a little more frozen. He traded in his winter coat and boarding helmet for a swim cap and goggles. As for the water, he’s still getting used to it in liquid form.

Robert McCord, Procurement Manager

Not only is McCord a master at purchasing wire, but he is also a rock-star swimmer. He joined the DWC Flippers to show his daughter he has moves like Justin Bieber.

Michael Warthen, Controller

A number wizard by day and lifeguard by night. He is always on the look out for danger, whether that be in a spreadsheet or at the pool. One day he may just trade in his whistle for a pair of goggles and join the swim team.