Operation Feedback

Op_Feedback_blogWe spoke to a diverse group of our customers across the country. From Abilene to Cottage Grove and Whippany to Kennewick, you gave us your thoughts about your customer experience with Distributor Wire & Cable.  We heard about the things that are working for you and we heard about the things you’d like us to change.

Over several weeks, Tina Thorpe and Jessica Floyd, from the DWC marketing team were on a mission. They reached out to ask you about products, pricing, delivery and our web portal, myDWC.

You were very candid with us and we appreciate it, even if the feedback was bad.  Fortunately, there was a lot of good intertwined with the bad! It’s always nice to get a compliment.

“You guys are rock stars!”

“So quick, I don’t bother sending it elsewhere.”

fastQuote is awesome!”

“I just enter what I need and bam!”

“You can’t buy integrity, maybe that’s what makes a company like DWC different.”

Others thought that our web portal gets in the way of that personal touch and we lose some of the relationship with our technology. We listened and are working hard to keep a personalized experience. Finding out how you prefer to communicate is the first step; email, phone, fastQuote.

Some of you asked for customized quotes. Our Digital Innovation team has worked to make sure you see the quote information the way you want to see it.

You also gave us great feedback on what products you’d like to see at each of our cable distribution centers (CDC). We’ve talked to our Procurement Manager and are making sure our stock profiles reflect this input.

Thanks for all of your feedback. We appreciate your input and are looking forward to making your overall customer experience even better. We’re here to help you get the business, because we are successful when you are.

It’s not too late to give us your feedback!  Send us your thoughts and suggestions. Email your feedback directly to Bryce Huett, CEO, bhuett@distributorwire.com.