Now More than Ever – Truck Drivers Deliver!

Truck Driver Appreciation Week – September 12-18, 2021

As many of us enjoyed a little backyard fun over the recent Labor Day weekend, tractor-trailers full of food, water, and generators rolled into the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard. For millions of needy Americans, short on supplies and electric power, the outstanding men and women of the transit industry were (are!) delivering hope and comfort to those affected by Hurricane Ida.

When COVID-19 recently placed the entire world on lockdown, truck drivers hit the road – making sure that we all had things like food, medicine, PPE, and toilet paper. When vaccines were finally ready, it was the transit industry that answered the call to help execute one of the biggest and most complex logistical operations in American history.

These are just recent, timely reminders that in moments of prosperity and despair, truckers really do carry the load that supports our modern society! So often, we take for granted that truckers not only keep the U.S. economy moving but also serve as a lifeline for all of us in so many ways. For every bag of groceries that you buy, tank of gas that you pump, or shipment of electrical products that shows up at your loading dock door, there’s an amazing truck driver who helps bring it to you!

These days, driving a truck is a highly demanding endeavor. With driver shortages, supply chain interruptions, threats on their jobs from automation, and too many other factors to list, truck drivers have never felt more pressure to perform. It’s of growing national concern that professional truck drivers are harder to come by today than ever before. Trucking isn’t an easy job, and it’s certainly not for everyone, but maintaining a resilient driver workforce in this country is a collective responsibility that falls on everyone: transit companies, shippers, receivers, motorists, and policymakers for the industry.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week – 2021, is slated for the week of Sept. 12. It’s a great time to remind all of us of the debt of gratitude owed to these unsung heroes. Thanks to them, the material blessings we often take for granted are always within reach. Now, more than ever, the men and women of the transit industry are role models we all can admire. They work while we sleep, spending long days and nights behind the wheel – delivering the goods that fuel the electrical wholesale industry and the jobs that each of our families depend on. We all serve together as links in the electrical supply chain and the transit drivers we rely on are no exception. Next week, take a little time to thank a truck driver for doing what they do! Without them, the electrical supply chain would be broken!

We asked Sean Bailey, DWC’s Director of Operations, what his teams do to show appreciation to the transit drivers we work with. “The crews at our distribution centers help keep drivers on schedule by anticipating when they’ll be backing up to one of our loading docks. We’re always ready for them and we do our best to help them get in and out of here as quickly and safely as possible,” States Sean. “We also do our best to make them feel welcome while they’re here,” he adds.

Have a great suggestion on how to say thank you to a trucker? Please let us know in the comments below.