New Website is Like DWC Photo Album

IMG_3149With today’s technology, websites are always changing, growing and evolving. We decided it was time for our website to do the same.

We have always thought of ourselves as a technology driven company that focuses on building great relationships. We just happen to sell wire and cable. It was time our website reflected that.

In our new design, we focused on the people who make our company great. Our brand coordinator, became a fly on the wall snapping pictures of everything. Thousands of pictures later, she finally had enough to tell the DWC story.

Then, we turned our attention to our products and services. This portion of our website was designed with the user in mind. We updated our spec sheets with the latest technology, video specs!

Next, we looked at relationships and how to help them grow. Our customers can now send an inquiry to any department and the best part is, a real person within that department will answer them.

We wanted our website to really showcase the DWC Family as a whole. We did this by designing everything in-house, thanks to amazing programmers who worked tirelessly to implement the designs drawn up by our marketing team.  Everyone within the DWC Family tested and re-tested the site to make sure it was exactly the way we wanted it.

Overall, our website is our family photo album. We hope you enjoy getting to know us.