Kyle myDWCComputers and online portals now rule the business world. Emails and phone calls are, believe it or not, becoming old school. With this shift, we too have decided to conduct business through our new online portal, myDWC.

myDWC was designed with our customers in mind, based on their feedback. Through many hours of planning our sales, marketing and IT teams put their heads together to create a quick and easy way for our customers to get the wire they need.

In the center of the myDWC home page is a quote and order history.  It contains information in an organized database that our customers can search through by: date, keyword, part name or number and more.

Another great feature is the fastQuote.  It is the one and only of its kind. Customers can click on the icon and fill in what they are looking for. Our Crazy, Stupid Fast sales team will take it from there. To show how fast the fastQuote is, a timer was added to the top right corner of the home page. This timer lets our customers know when to expect their quote back. On average, the wait time is less than four minutes!

That is not all myDWC can do. On the top left corner there is a freight estimator, live chat tool and the current copper price. These resources were added to the home page to give our customers easy access to the most requested information.

The internet runs 24/7 and myDWC is no exception. If you are in a bind and it’s after business hours, simply click on the ambulance for the 24/7 emergency service. Your quote will be sent to our entire sales team and they will get back to you Crazy, Stupid Fast.

All of these great tools are helping to advance our industry, and enhance relationships with our customers. We will continue to update myDWC to better suit our customer’s needs.  Keep an eye out for new features and tools.