DWC Salutes Wholesalers Service to Military

In honor of Memorial Day, Distributor Wire is saying thank you to their wholesale partners in May by giving each customer who served in any branch of the military a free limited edition DWC camouflage golf polo.

“We can never forget the amount of sacrifice our men and women of the armed forces have made to give us our freedom,” commented Jake Ervin at Distributor Wire in Denver who comes from a military family.

Jon Keyworth <photo below>, who manages the DWC logistical center in Seattle, was an Army infantry solider stationed at 1/9 Cavalry in Ft. Hood from 2001 to 2005.  Jon spent 13 months in Iraq from 2003-2004.

Jon recounted this personal story with his co-workers regarding one of his many missions while in Iraq defending our freedom.

“On November 20th 2003 my platoon 3rd and 2nd platoon were pulling security at F.O.B. (Forward Operating Base) and O.P. (Observation Post).  It was about 4:30 PM and it was starting to get dark.  As I was preparing my night vision for the evening, all hell broke loose.  Mortars and RPG’s started raining into the F.O.B.  I started to unload my 40mm grenades into the palm groove when all the sudden we heard a huge bang at the bridge where 2nd platoon was.  They were getting attacked from all sides like we were.  After 2 hours of non stop firing, we were almost black (empty) on ammo.  My commander called into the Air Force and had them drop 2 J-Down bombs on the buildings where the enemy was firing from.  It took 10 minutes from the time he called the bombs to hit.  I will never forget the sight of the two fire balls that came out of those buildings.  The flames were easily 5 stories tall and bright as the sun.”

Distributor Wire salutes Jon, and all the service men and women who continue to protect and serve our great country.