Distributor Wire Host Meat & Greet For Wholesalers

Distributor Wire & Cable puts a new spin on introducing its products, services and technology to the electrical distributor with the DWC Meat & Greet.

“The industry standard Lunch & Learn process has become antiquated.  The Meat & Greet we offer the wholesalers is technology based, more interactive and adds a level of entertainment to the presentation making it more memorable and enjoyable for our customers,” commented Anna Marie McGurk, outside sales at DWC.

The Meat & Greet is hosted at the electrical distributor for groups of 4 or more people.  Lunch, typically barbeque with all the trimmings, is brought in for the event at the wholesalers location.  However, breakfast and after work Meat & Greet’s are available at the wholesalers request.

At the Meat & Greet, the Distributor Wire sales agent helps explains to the wholesaler how to increase profitability selling wire and cable, emphasizes DWC’s value added services, displays samples of the most popular products and provides plenty of DWC swag.

One unique part of the Meat & Greet is the DWC sales agent performs a live demonstration utilizing an iPad and projector to showcase DWC’s proprietary technology pieces such as DART.

The customer is able to submit a quote, receive their quote back from their DWC sales agent in Denver via email, provide real time feedback from inside their quote, procure an instant freight estimate and even process their order with DART Checkout™ all in under 5 minutes electronically.

Finally, the participants are encouraged to interrupt and ask questions during the presentation in more of an open discussion style forum.

“We have an eleven person sales team, including 3 full time outside sales agents, which gives us plenty of resources to host Meat & Greet’s in any area.  There is not a region or wholesaler we will not offer this service to that request it,” remarked Maggie Workman, Director of Outside Sales at DWC.

To make organizing a Meat & Greet even easier, DWC offers a simple online sign-up form inside DART for their members.  This allows the wholesaler to request a specific date, time, type of food or any other special requests they may require to schedule their Meat & Greet.