Shopping for VFD and More

Robert McCord12345This month, our Procurement Manager, Robert McCord, asked us to highlight a few of the items he’s been purchasing. As you may already know, he loves to shop for wire & cable- Especially when he gets the products that can help you with your customers!

VFD– Variable Frequency Drive Cable. These cables are used to carry power from AC drive systems to AC motors, and they do it very well. In the past, armored cables were used for this process. However, VFD cables are much better at handling harsh operating conditions like high voltage spikes, amplified noise and challenging environmental conditions. They are made for high power signals and extremely high voltage, up to 2KV!

Welding Cable– This single conductor product is used on welding applications and connections between the electrode holder and clamp, to the arc welder, bus, welding box or transformer. It is extremely flexible and is heat and oil resistant. We could write a whole page about welding cable, but we’d rather show you a video about it! Click here to watch it.

Instrumentation Tray Cable– Instrumentation cables are used in 300 to 600 volt applications for process and control signals. Shielding protects the signal from electrostatic noise and cross talk. They can be installed in ducts, trays, conduit and direct buried. We’ve got a video for that too. Enjoy!

Regardless of your wire & cable needs, our procurement manager is working hard to find the perfect product to make you and your customers happy. If you have questions about any of the products listed above or any others, let him know. Send Robert an email at