Live Healthy

One of our values at Distributor Wire & Cable is to Live Healthy. What does that mean exactly? It means getting enough rest each night, eating healthy, taking care of our bodies and having some good old-fashion fun. To get everyone inspired to achieve their fitness goals, we hosted a lunch and learn at our Denver headquarters and brought in healthy lunch to our cable distribution centers on Friday, February 28th.

It’s not often during the work day that you stop and think about your health or how you’re eating habits affect how you feel. To get everyone thinking about what goes into their bodies, a list of energy boosting foods

was posted in our DWC kitchens to help fight that 2 p.m. sluggish feeling.

Rather than reaching for another cup of Joe consider a bag of non-buttered popcorn, blueberries, whole grains, Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, almonds or leafy greens. Any combination of these foods will help boost your energy and keep you going all day long.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill taught us that not all fast food is bad for you. Garbanzo brought in some of their healthier menu options for everyone to enjoy such as their kabob skewer with fresh rice, hummus, veggie salad and a pita.

Our cable distribution centers also catered in healthy lunch. Our Seattle distribution center tried Greek food, and our Dallas distribution center enjoyed a healthy lunch full of protein and greens.

“The food was great,” said Marcos Hernandez, Denver warehouse manager. “The steak kabob skewer was my favorite.”

Eating right is only part of the equation. The other part comes from getting away from your desk and getting in some sneaker time or, in this case, yoga time. Owner of Omega Fitness, Aaron Zoerner, came in and helped us loosen up with a mid-day yoga session.

“I am so flexible now,” said Drew Piller, an inside sales agent.

Aaron also taught us that the key to a healthy lifestyle is a balanced one. That means balancing our diets, activity and supplements for what is right for our bodies.

We’re focused on living healthy and now we challenge you to do the same. Encourage others to take a step back and see what they could do to improve their health. It may be easier than you think.

“I feel ready to take on any challenge now,” said Jake Ervin, inventory specialist.