Inside the Cable Distribution Center with Chris Harrison

DWC's Denver CDC Manager, Chris Harrison

We sat down with our Cable Distribution Center (CDC) Manager, Chris Harrison, to talk about what it’s like to work in our Denver CDC. Before working at DWC, Chris was a Customer Service Representative, working in parts sales at a company called SkyJack. He worked there, in the warehouse, for six years before taking a customer service position in the office. Soon he realized how strong his passion was for physical labor and working with his hands.

Chris, a Chicago native, began looking for a job that could allow him to get his hands dirty. He quickly stumbled upon DWC’s Logistics Specialist opening. He has now been a DWC’er for two years. According to Chris, a typical day in our busiest CDC is none other than Crazy, Stupid Fast! How fitting, since that is one of our company values.  He describes his days as sporadic, and at times, challenging. “Every day brings new challenges,”                                                                                                        Chris said. “Our goal is to get orders out in a timely, safe fashion.”

DWC's Tray Cable and Chris Harrison

Recently, his logistics team came face to face with a huge challenge. The inside of a 60 inch reel broke, requiring the logistics team to unwrap and untangle 2,500 ft. of 1/0 3 Conductor Tray Cable. In case you didn’t know, this wire is very dense, with a width of 1.22 inches. That doesn’t sound like much, but this particular reel weighed in around 3,600 lbs. Untangling it is like playing double dutch with two fire hoses that are running! New DWC Family Members, Ben Holder and Godwin Brown, were included in the help. Logistics Specialists, Jon Mendoza and Victor Smith, the seasoned veterans of the team, also jumped in to lend a hand.  The logistics team banded together to get the job done. After seven hours of unwrapping the wire, they were finally able to re-run it onto a new reel.

Chris Harrison's RC Car

Chris can usually be found at the shipping desk when you walk into our CDC. When he first started, Chris said his favorite place to be in the warehouse was at the striping station. “I like taking on big projects and seeing them through, start to finish,” he explained. Not only does he like getting big projects done at work, he likes big projects at home too. For example, he built a 1:8 scale nitro RC car from the ground up. Chris enjoys racing the car in his free time. He also has a collection of over 200 vinyl records.

To wrap up our conversation, Chris added, “Since I have started working here, I have seen how committed DWC is to its family members and giving back to others. I am happy and excited to work somewhere I take pride in.”

To get your products from Chris’s team, call your account manager today at 888.439.2947.