I’m Inspired

The topics for Beyond Wire & Cable come to me in many ways. Sometimes I find inspiration for my message inside the books I am reading, current events in the world, exploring other progressive brands and organizations or from simply having conversations with co-workers, friends and family about life and business.

A funny thing happened to me this time. I was sitting at my desk this week and realized none of the usual sources of inspiration generated any new ideas for my message. I decided to take a walk throughout the offices and warehouse and quickly realized there was inspiration all around me.

I was inspired by all the people who smiled at me, all the people who were collaborating to grow our company, all the people who were cutting wire, who were answering the phone, who ask me how my father-in-law was doing, who were trying to close out our month, who were rubbing a dog’s belly, who dressed like a banana and danced around the warehouse (yes, that really happened), who told me “the new handbook is going to be great,” who apologized for making a mistake and said it will not define him, who called me “boss man”, who were making boxes, who spoke about first time pending fatherhood, who were processing payroll, who were trying to use both macro and granular in the same sentence, who sent me this message on his drive out of town to join us in Denver, “My cup is half full and I will get it there without spilling,” who told me how proud he was of his team, who told me his goal for our turns is “5”, who looked very stressed but still made time to politely say hello, who spoke about some type of cool Raspberry Pie software tool, who mentioned he recently lost 7lbs, who discovered the power of good data and who was just finding out that she made it in the band.

Ultimately, I decided to avoid one of my usual super wordy blogs and include some photos I snapped from the walls of DWC this week. After all, each of these photos is worth at least a thousand words and this place gives me all the inspiration I will ever need.

PS…Hard not to love the subtle yet powerful comment scribbled on the corner of one very busy whiteboard below saying “Failing to solve world peace is not a failure.”

-Written by Bryce Huett, DWC CEO
-Photos by Bryce Huett, DWC CEO

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