How Survey Feedback Can Feed Your Bottom Line

Can your electrical distributor benefit from a customer survey?

At DWC, we are always looking for ways to provide exceptional experiences to our electrical distribution partners. This constant pursuit of growth and improvement in the products and services that we provide is driven by our valued customers. Many of our ideas for improvement come from input we receive during our everyday interactions with electrical distributors. However, once a year we reach out via a confidential survey to a cross-section of our customers ranging in size, geographic location, and wire & cable product focus.

If your electrical distributor has never conducted a customer survey, you may find it worth the time and effort. From our own survey experiences here at DWC, the information and explicit feedback gleaned from the very people we serve is some of the most powerful business intelligence that we’ve ever accumulated. Feedback obtained from surveying our customer contacts fuels our ability to improve the way we serve them. These improvements help strengthen our relationships and create a snowball effect of success that furthers our business partnerships. …All because we asked a few questions and listened intently to what our customers had to say.

The positive impacts that you can hope to gain from conducting a thoughtful survey can have a lasting impact on your success. Surveys enable businesses to uncover “unspoken” feedback,  prioritize what needs to be improved, learn what your customers like about you, anticipate trends, find out how your brand is perceived, and identify your customer’s needs. Simply giving your customers an avenue to voice their feedback goes a long way. Sure, any major issues or problems can be communicated during regular business conversations without a survey, but an effort like this allows customers and your company to take a step back and think about larger themes and strategies outside of your typical day-to-day.

For example, in our most recent DWC survey, we uncovered actionable information about what’s important to our customers, what their biggest challenges are, and how we can make managing their wire & cable product lines easier for them. We learned what specific products are in high demand as well as which of our value-added services, add the most value. The positive feedback we received was encouraging, and the constructive feedback was really valuable in helping to define ways for DWC to better serve electrical wholesalers. We also learned how we stack up against our competitors and were more than pleased with what we heard!

Has your electrical distributor surveyed your customers lately? The feedback that they provide could be just what your business needs to hear!

Questions about conducting a customer survey? Feel free to reach out to us.