Hindsight in 2020

A look back at the year with DWC Sales Director, Keegan Bast

With November upon us, we’ve started to reflect on a not so typical year at Distributor Wire & Cable. Since DWC was founded twelve years ago, there has never seen a year quite like 2020. With a global pandemic, hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, fires here in Colorado and the West, and a seemingly never-ending barrage of headlines, 2020 is a year that will be talked about for a very long time. Recently, we had a chance to sit down with Keegan Bast, DWC’s Director of Sales, to discuss this meme-worthy year and look toward 2021.

The Monthly Wire:  What have you learned about DWC this year?

Keegan Bast:  In the 10 years that I’ve been with DWC, I never realized that we could be so resilient. When the coronavirus hit, we shifted quickly to working remotely and I can’t think of one instance where we let it affect our output or the level of service that we deliver to our customers. Our IT department really stepped-up to deliver technology and support for this transition, and our staff embraced the changes that took place. I also learned that our company is quick to respond to a crisis. When the initial wave of COVID-19 gripped the U.S., our first instinct was to offer support to frontline workers and health facilities. DWC offered special healthcare pricing to our customers for wire & cable products that were being used to support the setup of temporary hospitals and COVID testing centers.

TMW: What was the biggest challenge?

KB: We have a close-knit culture at DWC. We collaborate and work closely among our various departments. When working remotely, it’s hard not to see everyone each day and experience the normal camaraderie that we all share. We did our best to make up for it by using technology to communicate virtually but it still isn’t the same as the face to face interactions that you typically get when we’re all at the office. Knowing that we were taking the necessary steps and following guidelines to keep everyone safe certainly helped!

TMW: How is DWC better equipped for the future because of all of this?

KB: A great deal of thought went into planning around the impact of the pandemic. We were deemed an essential business and we didn’t take this lightly. We implemented policies and procedures to protect our people as well as the transit drivers and customers who visit our various distribution centers. I think that we’re much more agile and prepared for the unexpected because of what we learned through all of this.

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TMW: What was the thought behind the Good Riddance 2020 sweepstakes?

KB: As crazy as this year has been, we just wanted to have a little fun as we look toward 2021. We got together with our Marketing group and tried to find a cool way to inject some positivity while supporting our customers. Basically, the Good Riddance 2020 sweepstakes rewards anyone who places an order for $2021 or more worth of wire. They are automatically entered in our weekly drawing for that week. We’ve put together some great prizes and we’re going to have a good time making people’s day as we give away all of this cool stuff each week!

TMW: Any final thoughts?

KB: Don’t get me wrong, despite the wild ride that 2020 has been, there have also been some really great things that have happened. My wife and I had our first child this year! To that end, several DWCers have either had their first children or expecting soon! We’re pumped for everyone to finish this year strong and ready to have an outstanding 2021!


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